What mistakes should I avoid in a high-value divorce?

When it comes to high-asset divorces in Columbus, many people do not realize how easy it is to make mistakes. If you are contemplating leaving your partner and there is a considerable amount of assets involved, you might want to take some time to strategize your next steps. According to FindLaw, “mistakes can make the divorce process more complicated and painful than necessary.”

How can divorce be beneficial to children?

Many couples in the Columbus area who are contemplating divorce, often find themselves procrastinating because of their children. They believe that separation is more harmful to their kids than it is for them to stay together. What they might not realize is that kids are very intuitive. According to Live Bold and Bloom, children are more likely to suffer emotionally from the negative effects of their parents’ relationships than they are from divorce. 

How can I avoid financial hardship after divorce?

Divorce is a situation that can make you feel as if the world is ending. While you are grieving your relationship, you should consider how it can break you financially if you are not careful. Divorce in Columbus is not always easy or cheap to resolve. If there are kids, pets and a large amount of wealth and assets, your separation could be an expensive one. 

Can’t pay child support? A modification could be the answer

After divorce, you'll still share the expense of raising your child with the other parent. Even though you're no longer married or living together, you still need to be on the same page in regard to what you're responsible for from a financial perspective.

What should you do with estate planning before remarrying?

After a divorce in Ohio, many people begin dating again and some get remarried. This typically means not only a new spouse but possibly stepchildren or more biological children. The addition of a new family can complicate the estate planning process. Even if changes were made after the divorce, more changes need to be made when the family structure changes.

Why are more millennials getting a prenup?

Views on dating, marriage and divorce are very different now than they were at the turn of the century. Experts say that these changes have contributed—in large part—to a growing trend among the millennial generation: a rise in prenuptial agreements.

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