Why is an estate plan necessary for a divorced parent?

When you get divorced in Ohio, there are a lot of things you have to think about when it comes to preparing for your new single life. One of those should be an estate plan. The American Bar Association explains that an estate plan can help prepare for unexpected things. Now that you are no longer married, you cannot just rely on your spouse handling your affairs if you were to die. You need to plan ahead and ensure that your assets and your children are protected.

How does the court handle unique items during divorce?

There are many types of assets you might hold that are relatively easy to divide and distribute. During a divorce, you would probably not have much trouble splitting up a shared bank account evenly if it consisted of community assets, for example. However, you would probably not find it so easy to establish the value and interest you have in everything you own. Some categories of items often pose unique challenges in divorce courts in Ohio. 

How children benefit from joint-custody arrangements

If you are an Ohio resident and a recent divorcee, you may be working on adjusting to a new child custody arrangement and everything that comes with it. Learning to live without your son or daughter for some period of time is rarely easy, but it may help you adjust to the process if you recognize how your joint-custody arrangement may benefit your child. At Harry Lewis Co., LPA, we recognize that, in many cases, joint-custody arrangements are advantageous to children of divorce, and we have helped many Ohio families navigate the transitions involved in parting ways. Per Time, in one study involving about 150,000 kids in either sixth or ninth grades, children who spent time in the homes of both of their divorced parents fared better than those who lived exclusively with one parent or the other. More specifically, children whose parents had joint-custody arrangements were far less likely to experience or develop a wide range of emotional and psychosomatic health problems than those who lived with only one parent.

Do I need legal counsel for divorce mediation?

Choosing to go to mediation for a divorce can seem like a great relief for the Ohio couples who choose it, since they have greater control over the final outcome of the divorce, including how their assets will be divided. However, some couples may wonder what part legal counsel plays in a mediation. Are attorneys even needed for a mediation? While mediations are not the same as judicial proceedings, attorneys still play important roles in a mediation.

Divorce may mean altering your will

Divorce is one legal area where the status of personal relationships may have far-reaching legal implications. Not only does a divorce mean the end of your marriage, it also means separating your finances and reviewing your estate plan, as well as your business interests. If you do not pay careful attention to these issues during the divorce process, you may create a tangled mess of your affairs rather than cleanly separate personally and legally from your spouse.

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