Who gets custody when the parents are unmarried?

If you have a baby in Ohio and you are not married, you may wonder what happens with custody. Knowing who has legal custody and rights to the baby is essential, especially if you are the father. Under the Ohio Revised Code, an unmarried mother automatically retains full and sole custody of a child. This could mean issues for you if you are the father.

The magic word in high asset divorce is negotiation

Divorcing when you own precious works of art or a luxurious Columbus home can be heartbreaking as you might expect to lose your valuable assets to your soon to be former spouse. However, the loss of your prized material possessions is not automatic. You can still try to negotiate with your spouse to hold on to certain assets. Several factors can lead to a successful divorce negotiation.

Child custody in contested and uncontested divorces

Ohio parents know that one of the hardest parts of divorce has nothing to do with retirement, property, or other such matters. Child custody can often be the top disputed matter. These matters are also handled differently depending on how the divorce proceeds.

What happens when your ex denies visitation or custody time?

Divorce is a difficult experience for children because their foundational relationship with their parent changes. They will often worry about the loss of love and affection from either parent in the process of divorce, as well as whether their behavior somehow contributed to the end of their parents' marriage.

Protecting your future when you are divorcing your spouse

One of the most terrifying parts of divorcing your spouse in Ohio can be the reality that you are now alone, independent and in charge of taking care of yourself without the support from another person. While this thought may be a bit freeing at the same time, it will be critical that you begin planning for your future to give yourself the best chance at enjoying a successful and stress-free life. At Gregg R. Lewis, ESQ., we have helped many people who are dealing with a divorce to begin planning for their future in a manner that is organized and effective. 

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