Getting divorced? Handle these estate planning matters ASAP

The process of going through a divorce can disrupt your life in ways you never imagined. While this is a stressful and heartbreaking time, at the law office of Gregg R. Lewis, Esq. - Harry Lewis Co., LPA, we know that there are certain legal matters that must be taken care of sooner, rather than later. For you and other Ohio residents, this means updating your will and handling other estate planning matters before your divorce is finalized.

Study: Joint-custody may be beneficial for children

When couples file for divorce, they are faced with a myriad of issues that must be negotiated in the final divorce settlement. Child custody arrangements are one of the most critical, as they impact the wellbeing of the child for years to come. Although every situation has different circumstances, which may impact the type of custody that is best for the child, studies show that children who spend a significant amount of time with both parents may have advantages when compared to children who are in sole-custody situations. 

Making sure you account for all marital property

When you file for divorce or legal separation, there are a myriad of issues that must be negotiated before creating the final settlement. Property division may be one of the most difficult topics to approach, as you may have developed a strong attachment toward some of the possessions you have accumulated during years of marriage. All property and assets that were amassed during the time you were married are considered marital property and are eligible for division in the divorce. It is critical that you understand what marital property is so you can be sure to get everything you are entitled to in your settlement. 

How mediation can help in child custody matters

Going through a divorce or legal separation can be emotionally overwhelming and challenging, especially if there are children involved. While splitting up marital property can be difficult, it is nothing in comparison to splitting up the children and determining what type of custody would be best. SInce every situation is unique, the type of custody that works in each situation is also unique depending on the circumstances surrounding the case. Through traditional courtroom divorces, the judge presiding over the case looks at all of the information provided and makes a decision as to whether sole custody or joint custody is best. Mediation, on the other hand, allows couples to look at their own situation and create a custody arrangement that works best for them. 

What constitutes marital property in a divorce?

Going through a divorce or legal separation can be daunting, especially when it comes time to divide the property and assets that have been accumulated throughout the marriage. This can be an emotional process, as people often become attached to certain possessions. It helps, however, to understand what constitutes marital property so you can ensure you receive everything you are entitled to in the divorce settlement. 

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