Creating a post-divorce parenting plan

Ohio couples who file for divorce usually have to work through many complex issues, especially when they have children together. Custody, child support and parenting time are just a few of the issues that divorcing parents need to discuss. If a couple is unable to reach an agreement with each other, a state court may need to finalize the terms of the divorce.

Child support: What factors are factored in?

Going through the divorce process can be complicated and overwhelming, especially when children are involved in the separation. Child support is one of the most important topics to cover in the settlement. Children deserve financial support from both parents, even after their families have separated. 

Legal vs. physical custody: What you should know

When you file for divorce in Ohio, there are a host of terms that must be negotiated before the divorce settlement is finalized. One of the most difficult and important terms is that of child custody. Divorce can be extremely hard for children, who are often the unwilling participants of the separation. Yet, the right type of custody may help to minimize the effects of divorce on the children and help them maintain a solid relationship with both parents. 

How is a business handled in property division?

You and other small business owners in Ohio are proud of the work and time you invested in making your business successful. You may also have employees who depend on you, who might now be worried about their livelihood if you are going through a divorce. How your business is divided depends on whether you started your business before or after you got married, as well as numerous other factors.

Are there advantages to grandparent adoption?

American families come in all shapes and sizes. While some children are raised by their aunts and uncles, others live in single-parent households and still others are brought up by their grandparents. Not all parents are fit or able to properly care for their children and grandparents may need to step in to help. If you are a grandparent raising a grandchild, you may find it beneficial to go through the legal adoption process. 

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