How divorced parents can be civil to each other

Ohio parents who share child custody with their former spouses will need to maintain relationships with them. One key to having a good relationship with the other parent is to keep the focus on the children. Any decisions that are made should be with their interests in mind, and conversations that a former couple have should stick to topics related to raising their sons or daughters.

Granting temporary custody of children to a trusted individual

A parent in Ohio may be given temporary custody of their child during a separation or divorce. The court will look at the child's best interests when deciding who will be primarily responsible to give them care. In addition to separation or divorce, there are other reasons why a person may get temporary custody of a child.

Illegitimate reasons to block or refuse child visitation

While most parents in Ohio agree that shared parenting after a divorce is beneficial, there are some things that can cause a custodial parent to want to refuse visitation to the former spouse. There are a few illegitimate reasons to refuse child visitation. Many are illegal and can cause a person to lose custody of their children and even be subject to fines or jail time.

The importance of cooperative co-parenting

Many post-divorce custody arrangements in Ohio divide the child's time with each parent more or less equally. Research strongly supports shared child custody after the dissolution of a marriage or relationship. Children tend to have better self-esteem and mental health when they maintain relationships with both parents. To pursue these positive outcomes, parents need to keep communication channels open and develop a parenting plan that limits stress on the kids.

Handling child custody in a difficult divorce

Infidelity, addiction, financial mismanagement and other difficult situations can quickly lead to a high-conflict divorce for an Ohio couple. When at least one party involved is manipulative, narcissistic or emotionally immature, the problems can be compounded, especially if children are involved. These exes will probably need to navigate a challenging journey toward co-parenting.

More men are being granted custody of children

Some Ohio residents have likely noted that for a good part of the 20th century, fathers who sought joint custody after divorce did not commonly get the results they wanted. In most cases, courts sided with the mothers by giving them full custody. Over the last three decades, things have changed. Now, courts are pushing parents toward shared custody.

Steps parents can take to keep their kids safe

Ohio parents may have concerns about an existing child custody or visitation order. While these concerns are normal, it may not necessarily be enough to forbid a child from having a relationship with both parents. In fact, parents may be held in contempt of court if they do not comply with the terms of a custody or visitation agreement. If a parent does decide to prevent a child from seeing a mother or father, it is important to carefully document the reason why.

When parents want to regain lost custody

Parents in Ohio may find themselves in an extremely difficult situation if they lose custody of their children. There are a number of factors that can lead to a parent losing custody, even when he or she loves the children. However, losing custody short of a termination of parental rights does not need to be final. Many people are able to regain custody and reestablish their relationship with their children. There are several steps that people can take to make a case that they should regain custody over their kids.

What are the signs kids might not be coping well from a divorce?

The end of a marriage is a stressful and heartbreaking time for most people. Adults can have difficulty adjusting to divorced life. It can be even harder for Ohio children, who must come to terms with their parents no longer loving each other and now living apart. Not surprisingly, your children may have a difficult time coping.

The impact of a dispute and your child’s education

Getting a divorce can be extremely challenging for parents. In fact, the various issues that can arise during a divorce may prompt some parents to stay in a marriage even though it is toxic and potentially harmful to their emotional, financial or even physical well-being. Aside from many of the common ways in which divorce affects families, such as custody disputes and financial concerns, many other issues may need to be reviewed by parents at all stages of the divorce process, especially when it comes to custody and the potential ways in which this major change could affect a child’s education.

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