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Illegitimate reasons to block or refuse child visitation

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2019 | Child Custody |

While most parents in Ohio agree that shared parenting after a divorce is beneficial, there are some things that can cause a custodial parent to want to refuse visitation to the former spouse. There are a few illegitimate reasons to refuse child visitation. Many are illegal and can cause a person to lose custody of their children and even be subject to fines or jail time.

Unless a child is in danger when with a non-custodial parent, the custodial parent cannot refuse visitation if they have been granted these rights by a judge. While bitterness and hostility can cause a person to want to use the children as leverage to get back at an ex, this is not in the best interests of the child and is not a legitimate reason to deny visitation. If the ex-spouse has a new romantic interest, feelings of apprehension and jealousy can make the situation even more difficult to handle.

There may be times when a child refuses visitation with a non-custodial parent. Unless there is a legitimate reason behind this, it could be that the child is just resisting the change in their circumstances. Parents should not act on the initial impulse of the child but should support the visitation arrangements. When parents can present a united front, a child may more easily appreciate the benefits that come from visitation and having two homes.

If a non-custodial parent is behind on child support payments, this does not mean there are grounds for refusing visitation. In that same respect, a parent cannot stop paying child support if he or she has been refused visitation. If a person is dealing with either of these situations, an attorney who has experience in these types of child custody matters could provide advice and counsel.



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