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Plan Your Financial Future After A Divorce

From the time your marriage ends and beyond, it is critical that your estate is in order. If not, it becomes an expensive mess for the loved ones you leave behind. There are several considerations, especially if you have children. A consult with a lawyer can help.

A will is a written document that provides for the way in which your property will be distributed upon your death. It outlines your intentions regarding the person or organization who will receive your property (your “beneficiary”) and designate the person or organization who will carry out your wishes (your “executor”).

Questions To Ask Post-Divorce About Your Will

  • Have your retirement accounts been transferred? Who is named as your beneficiary? If it’s your former spouse, it’s likely you want to change that designation.
  • If you have children, who is designated as their legal guardian? Has that changed post-divorce?
  • If your children are listed as your beneficiaries, who will look after the money until they are 18? Not making the proper legal changes could mean it will go to your former spouse. You want to ensure your assets go to the people you intended.

Need To Create Or Make Changes To An Estate Plan?

Whether you are a young parent or someone with complex estate planning requirements or post-divorce will changes, our firm, Harry Lewis Co., LPA, can help ensure your estate plan is clear and legally binding. Call us today at 614-221-3938 or send an email to set up an initial consultation with attorney Gregg Lewis.

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