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Keeping the child’s best interests in mind during divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2017 | Child Custody |

One of the most important aspects of a divorce has to be the children. Children, especially young ones, can be emotionally scarred by a divorce as it is. Add in a child custody battle, and the children could be traumatized for life if it gets nasty. Parents must always keep the child’s best interests in mind during a divorce.

During divorces where parents cannot agree on custody, a judge will create a child custody plan based on a variety of evidence provided. The evidence will include an examination of both parents, the children and sometimes testimony from experts brought in by either side.

The main goal of the child custody plan put forth by the judge is to determine what will serve the needs of the children or their best interests when it comes to safety, growth, happiness and security.

Most children benefit by having a relationship with both of their parents. In some instances it is difficult for a plan to be created that allows both parents to share custody of the children. This happens when the parents live far apart or if the relationship between the parents is tenuous. If any parent has shown an abusive history towards the children, this also makes shared custody plans difficult.

A variety of different factors will be used by the court when determining a child custody plan for a divorcing couple. Some of the factors considered include the following:

– Emotional stability of each parent

– Physical and mental health of each parent

– Financial situation of each parent

– Relationship of each parent with the children

– The work skills and education of each parent

– The living situation and ability to provide for the children of each parent

– The current living situation of each child

– The relationship of children with extended family members

– Any history of domestic violence of child abuse by either parent

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