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What To Know About Civil Protection Orders

Civil protection orders, sometimes called civil domestic violence charges, can have a huge impact on divorce proceedings. Here are a few of the questions individuals often ask about the orders.

How Do I Obtain A Civil Protection Order?

Judges issue civil protection orders after a request from the victim after an individual has knowingly caused harm to the person. It can be issued in an emergency or after a hearing. Factors attached.

What Is The Required Relationship?

Under Ohio law, a person can file a civil protection order against a spouse or ex-spouse, family member, the other parent of your child or children, someone you are dating or formerly dated or someone in your household or who has lived in your home.

How Long Does A Civil Protection Order Last?

A civil protection order can run up to five years. Temporary protection orders run for a shorter period of time.

What Can A Civil Protection Order Do?

The order also could include an eviction of the abuser from the home, award temporary child custody to the domestic violence victim. A court order also could say that the abuser must seek counseling.

How Can I Get Help From A Lawyer?

Contact our firm, Harry Lewis Co., LPA, at 614-221-3938 or through email to schedule a consultation with attorney Gregg Lewis. We can also assist you with divorce or other family law matters. Our office is located near the courthouse in the heart of German Village in Columbus.