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If You Think Your Spouse Is Hiding Assets, Get A Lawyer’s Help

Going through the process of divorce is an emotional time with adjustments to new living arrangements and co-parenting with an ex-partner. With all of the changes, no one wants to face a drastic change in their lifestyle due to their financial state post-divorce. How can you protect yourself and your right to assets?

Unless you signed a prenuptial agreement before your marriage, Ohio law states that assets not considered separate property should be divided in an equitable manner. In high-asset divorces, it’s important to ensure your spouse is completely transparent about all finances such as bank accounts, retirement funds and income. We work with financial experts to make sure you are protected.

Many times, ensuring you have an accurate count of the marital assets will come down to the experience and knowledge of your attorney. Especially if a family-owned business is involved, it can be common for one spouse to claim the company is not as profitable as it actually is.

What Factors Determine Spousal Support?

In divorce, sometimes one party seeks spousal support from the other. The amount of spousal support (alimony) you pay or receive will depend on a number of factors as outlined by the court such as:

  • Duration of the marriage
  • Income
  • Prior employment and earning ability
  • In addition, courts consider other relevant factors in an effort to determine what is just and equitable.
  • Read all 18 factors here.

A Pioneer In This Part Of Divorce Law

Our firm, Harry Lewis Co., LPA, was founded more than 40 years ago. Harry Lewis took divorce representation in Columbus to another level by hiring forensic accountants to ensure his client’s rights to property. Today, his son, attorney Gregg R. Lewis has evolved the practice and continues his father’s legacy of offering people legal advice they can trust in family law and domestic issues.

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