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Paying child support on time is critical to your custody case

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2017 | Child Custody, Child Support |

You probably weren’t expecting to be served with divorce paperwork. In a single day, your life can go from normal to completely unrecognizable. Instead of going home to your spouse and children, suddenly you’re looking for a place to stay, seeing your kids on the weekends and facing the prospect of paying child support.

For many divorcing parents, paying child support can feel like adding insult to injury. Not only do you see your child less often, but now you have to send a portion of your income to your ex every pay period. It can feel unfair and overwhelming, particularly if you want custody.

While it can be emotionally complicated to accept paying child support, doing so is important to your custody case. Especially in high asset and high income situations, it may feel like the amount of support required is onerous. If you are divorcing and want to modify the terms of your custody arrangement, you need the help of an experienced Ohio family law attorney.

Child support is legally required

Under Ohio law, the courts order child support. You are bound by court order to pay your child support in full. In the early stages of a divorce, the custody and support orders are temporary. They are often based on information provided by only one spouse. That creates the potential for inaccuracies. Regardless of whether or not you agree with the amount, it is your obligation to pay the support on time and in full, regardless of whether you agree with your current custody and support orders. Even if your former spouse is not living up to his or her terms of child custody and visitation, you are sill expected to pay support.

A divorce attorney can help with child support issues

If you believe your child support amount is too high, your attorney can review your financial information and advise you about whether a reduction is possible. Your attorney can request a hearing to revisit your support amount. At that hearing, you can present your evidence and financial information for consideration. If your ex is violating the visitation and custody orders by refusing or shortening your visitation, your attorney can help you document that as well. By continuing to pay support in full throughout that process, you show the courts that your children’s needs come first.

The courts will consider who has the children’s best interests at heart when deciding on custody. They will also review your ability to support and provide for your children. Paying child support on time can help establish both a desire to put your children first and the ability to take care of them. Working with an experienced divorce attorney can also improve your chances of a favorable custody outcome.