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How to handle sentimental value in divorce

On Behalf of | May 25, 2017 | Complex Property Division |

The division of property is an important part of any Ohio divorce process. For the most part, the law is written to take care of the equitable division of property, assets and possessions. When it comes to tangible property, this is an easy process because value can be assessed using the current market value. However, some assets might have sentimental or emotional value for one spouse or another. Here are some tips for handling sentimental value in divorce.

In some instances, the item of sentimental value for one spouse might not actually have a high tangible value. If this is the case, it’s in the best interests of the couple to come to some form of compromise. For example, if the husband wants the couple’s music collection, maybe the wife can take their book collection to make the split as fair and equitable as possible.

There are other instances where the item in question has a high sentimental value and high tangible value. This can occur when discussing the family home, art collections, jewelry, antiques, collectibles and sports memorabilia. For items such as these, your best bet is to take inventory of everything and have each individual item appraised. Once the appraisals are done, the spouses can divide items of like value between themselves.

Emotions will run high during a divorce, which is why couples should do their best to take a step back from the process every so often. When taking a step back, both spouses should take a long look at how and why these items are so sentimental to them. During this process, both parties should separate which items are absolutely necessary for them to have and those that are only desired because of memories they might have.

Are you headed for a divorce in Columbus? A lengthy legal battle can ensue when dealing with sentimental value. Contact our firm today to learn about property division and how you should handle sentimental value in divorce.



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