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Protect your children from parental alienation in your divorce

On Behalf of | May 17, 2017 | Divorce |

When two parents get a divorce in Ohio, both parents may feel like they have a lot to lose, and, therefore, a lot to protect. As such, some parents might engage in cutthroat, immoral and dishonest tactics to get what they want during their divorce proceedings.

The worst form of this behavior happens when a spouse involves his or her children in dishonest tactics. Perhaps the other parent of your children, from whom you’re trying to get a divorce, is engaging in what is referred to as “parental alienation.” Your spouse might be saying bad things about you to your children in an attempt to make them afraid of you, or to believe untrue things about you.

Examples of parental alienation

Parental alienation can take many forms in an Ohio divorce. For example, your ex-spouse might talk negatively about you, and tell your children untrue stories about your past or try to convince them that you’re a bad or unfair person. It could also involve the other parent withholding information from you about your children’s schedules so that you miss their recitals and other important events. Also, the parent might put up obstacles to make it difficult for you to fulfill your scheduled visitation plan.

Fighting back against parental alienation

Ohio spouses who suspect that their husband or wife is engaging in parental alienation can prove that it’s happening in court. By showing the negative effects it’s having on your children through psychological testing, the court will likely frown on such behavior.

Be sure to discuss suspicions of parental alienation with your Columbus, Ohio, divorce lawyer as soon as you suspect that anything of the sort is happening to your children. This behavior can have long-term negative effects on your children, so you will want to take swift action to put a stop to it as the behavior presents itself.



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