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How to collect back child support payments

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2017 | Child Custody |

Living as a divorced parent, or single parent, can be very challenging. This is especially true when it comes to providing for your children. Many single parents are able to work because they have help from other family members with raising the children, getting them to and from school and much more. Child support plays a big part in all of this. But, here’s how you can collect back child support if payments are not being made.

The most common method for acquiring back child support is to request a wage garnishment on the paycheck of your child’s other parent, or whomever is supposed to be paying you child support. This is done by notifying the employee that a garnishment has been requested and then the money will be taken out of his or her check each pay period until the debt has been fulfilled.

Another option is to have the debtor’s tax refund check intercepted and sent to you. The seizure is done only by the government, and no one else.

If there is an outstanding balance of unpaid child support totaling more than $2,500, the debtor could have their passport revoked or denied when filing an application for one.

If any of these above methods fail, you could petition the government to have the debtor’s licenses suspended. This includes their driver’s license, fishing license, professional license and hunting license.

If you are not receiving the child support you were awarded in an agreement with the other parent of your child, contact our firm to discuss the different ways you can go about obtaining back payments in Columbus.



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