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5 reasons people give for getting divorced with young kids

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2017 | Child Custody |

People often agonize over the idea of when to get divorced. They may be happy about the split, but they want to find the right time to do it for the kids.

Every situation is different. Some feel it’s best to wait until the kids go to college. Others just get divorced right away. Others argue it’s actually best when the kids are young. Below are five common reasons people give for doing it before the kids grow up:

  1. The kids won’t know a different lifestyle. They’re grow up feeling like having two households is normal, so they’ll enjoy it, rather than noticing a change when mom and dad no longer live together.
  2. Very young children don’t understand divorce, so it’s not traumatic for them.
  3. If the marriage is unhealthy, getting divorced could actually set a better example for the children.
  4. Parents will be happier after the divorce. They want children to get to know them like that, rather than trapped in a problematic marriage, such as one involving abuse.
  5. Kids may feel like their family life was a lie if parents act like things are fine and then get divorced as soon as the kids move out. Honesty at least helps them see what’s really going on.

Again, every situation is different, but this helps to show some potential ways you can look at divorce if you still have young kids. Make sure you consider them carefully during the split. Keep your own rights in mind, and make sure you know what type of child custody plan addresses the kids’ best interests.

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