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4 family-based New Year’s resolutions after divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2017 | Child Custody |

You’re going through a divorce, and you want to start off the new year on the right foot. You still have a family, after all; you have to think of your kids and their future.

Your family may be changing, but their best interests still need to be your focus. Here are four resolutions that you may want to consider:

1. Update your estate plan.

Your will may name your spouse as the person who inherits everything. Your life insurance policy may name him or her as the beneficiary. Update everything so that your asses are redirected toward your kids.

2. Put on a good front regarding your ex.

You may not be happy, but it’s never wise to talk badly about your spouse to the kids. Put up a good front. Think of their happiness. They’re still involved with your spouse even after he or she becomes your ex.

3. Work together.

You and your ex also need to cooperate. It’s often beneficial to have similar rules, for instance, and you need to work out a schedule to pick the kids up from school and other activities. Work together, even when it’s hard, for them.

4. Remember that you both have rights.

You may both have joint custody. Even if one spouse has sole custody, the other may have visitation rights. Don’t interfere with these or withhold them, especially not if you’re angry with your ex. The kids still deserve to see you both.

Much of this can be addressed in your parenting plan and child custody agreement. Be sure you know your legal rights.

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