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Do those in the spotlight fail to be honest about relationships?

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2018 | High Asset Divorce |

Many high asset divorce cases involve those who are, to one degree or another, in the public eyes. They’re in the spotlight, so to speak.

The most obvious example would be celebrity couples, but this goes far beyond movies stars and pop singers. It includes politicians and business owners. They’re involved with the upper crust and they have famous friends. They’re in the public eye due to their wealth and influence, whether they’re local business owners, investors or something else entirely.

In any case, some divorce experts have suggested that this public visibility could actually cause many of the divorces.

The reasoning is that these people know that others are watching, so they work hard to cultivate a “perfect” relationship, even if it’s fake. They always want the public to think they look happy and successful.

The problem, some believe, is that they may pursue this end so consistently that they’re not honest about how the marriage is really going. When there are problems, they try to grit their teeth, smile and ignore them. When something isn’t working, they don’t say anything.

Unspoken issues can build up over time, and they can erode the foundation of that relationship. Eventually, the couple will wind up headed for divorce in part because they tried so hard to appear like just the opposite type of couple. That’s why other people are then surprised to hear of these divorces, saying the couple seemed happy together.

No matter the reason for a divorce, it’s very important for those who control significant assets to know all of their legal rights. With investment accounts, money being earned overseas, tax implications, unconventional earning methods and other such factors, these cases can be very complex.

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