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Divorce and child custody: Is nesting right for your family?

On Behalf of | May 4, 2018 | Child Custody |

One of the biggest divorce concerns some Columbus area couples have is their living arrangement. Now that their marriage is over, it is time for them to decide who gets the kids. A judge must decide if one parent gets sole and complete custody or if they must share it with their partner and how to divide their parenting time. 

One way divorcing parents are resolving their child custody concerns is with “nesting.” According to CNBC, nesting is a parenting arrangement that allows parents to avoid moving their children out the marital home by taking turns living in it. The nesting arrangement is beneficial to some families but is largely influenced by finances and the couple’s ability to get along. 

If you and your spouse have enough financial reserves to maintain separate primary homes and share household and living expenses for the marital home, you may decide to co-parent your children without moving them out of what may be their childhood home. The downside of the arrangement is it could be toxic to your emotional health. Not all parents are capable of living together after divorce. Some of them find it hard to avoid running back into the same issues they had in their marriages that ultimately caused to call it quits. 

When making decisions about your children and the marital home, do not forget to consider if you and your partner are willing to do what it takes to co-parent in the marital home until your resolve your custody and parenting time issues. Do not forget about the possible implications your decision can have on alimony and property division.



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