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Keep these 3 things in mind when getting a high-asset divorce

On Behalf of | May 11, 2018 | High Asset Divorce |

If you are prepping for a high-asset divorce in Columbus, there are probably many things going through your mind right now. Regardless of how much you prepare, you could end up dealing with issues, such as alimony and child custody that often lead to contention in divorces. As puts it, it is possible for you to advocate for you and your kids during divorce without attending every fight your spouse wants you to be a part of.

To improve the chances of a fair outcome and lessen the amount of emotional trauma you and your kids may experience, consider the following pointers about high-asset divorces.

Patience is a virtue

No matter how impatient and anxious you feel, try to exercise patience during the divorce proceedings. Your marriage did not end overnight; you should not expect for the divorce process to move that quickly either. According to FindLaw, the time it takes to make an Ohio divorce final depends on the type of divorce. No fault divorces require a 365-day separation period; all divorce types have a six-month residency requirement. Though the courts may not delay the issuance of your divorce decree, you should make the best use of the time you have to prepare.

Alimony considerations

Alimony is not just for wives. Lower earners can receive alimony from their higher earning spouses. If you make more money than your spouse, you could end up having to pay them alimony. The courts will base the award amount on a variety of factors, including income earned during the marriage and potential post-divorce finances.

Marital property

Unlike many states, divorce courts in Ohio divide all marital property fairly and equitably. You might expect to receive substantially more than your soon-to-be ex-spouse in the settlement. The judge will use that principle to divide all marital property and debts fairly to keep one spouse from taking advantage of the other.

Before you set things in motion, be sure you are ready to divorce your partner. It is a major decision that requires your attention, time and money.



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