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5 co-parenting tips to ease stress and lead a better life

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2018 | Child Custody |

When it comes to co-parenting, you can expect to feel quite a bit of stress. Even with a parenting agreement in place, there’s something awkward about conversing with your ex-spouse after your divorce is final.

Fortunately, with the right co-parenting tips guiding you, it’s much easier to lead a better life. And when you set the goal of leading a better life, you’re also doing your part in helping your children do the same.

Here are five co-parenting tips to guide you:

  • It’s not all about you: You don’t have to like your ex-spouse, but you need to take their feelings into consideration.
  • Keep an open schedule: Yes, you want to follow your parenting agreement as closely as possible. And yes, you should attempt to stay on schedule at all times, as it helps everyone plan for the future. Even so, flexibility is a must as you never know what will come to light. If your ex-spouse asks you to adjust your visitation schedule, for example, don’t immediately shut down the idea. Think about ways you can make it work.
  • Not every disagreement should result in an argument: There will be times when you argue with your ex-spouse. You have no choice but to do so, as you realize that holding firm is in your best interest. There are also times when you’re better off letting a disagreement go, as it’s not worth a serious argument.
  • Communicate: This doesn’t mean you have to talk every day, but you need an open line of communication. For example, texting allows you to stay in touch without having to talk on the phone or in person.
  • Don’t put your children in the middle: It’s a big mistake to put your children in the middle of your divorce and post-divorce arguments. Using them as a pawn can result in more harm than good, so don’t ever think about doing this.

You go into the co-parenting process realizing there will be times when you run into trouble. This is expected, so all you can do is deal with each situation to the best of your ability.

By following these co-parenting tips, it’s easier to maintain a solid relationship and stick to the parenting plan that was agreed upon in your divorce.



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