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Beware of these potential co-parenting conflicts

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2019 | Child Custody |

Your divorce is in the past and it’s now time to turn your attention to co-parenting. With the right approach, you and your ex are able to provide your children with a stable environment.

Even with a parenting agreement in place and the best of intentions, there are likely to be times when you don’t agree with your ex.

Here are some of the most common co-parenting conflicts:

  • Differing parenting styles: For example, you may be the strict parent while your ex gives your children much more leeway. It’s okay to have differing parenting styles, as long as your ex isn’t getting in the way. The best thing you can do is discuss your parenting style with your ex, as it allows you to find a common ground. If there’s too much of a difference, your children may begin to gravitate toward one parent or the other.
  • Your ex puts your child in the middle of your divorce: It’s imperative that you leave your children out of your post-divorce life. Don’t tell them that their other parent was the reason for the divorce. Don’t degrade your ex. When you put your children in the middle, it’s likely to lead to a conflict with your ex.
  • Violation of the parenting agreement: With a court-ordered parenting agreement in place, it’s critical to closely follow the terms and conditions. Any violation, even if it appears minor, can cause a serious conflict with your ex. If the problem persists, you may find yourself in court.

You can take many steps to prevent these co-parenting conflicts, such as keeping an open line of communication with your ex. When you stay in touch regarding your children, it’s easier to avoid conflicts that will place more stress on your already damaged relationship.

If you run into one co-parenting conflict after the next, review your parenting agreement and have a serious discussion with your ex-spouse. It’s your hope that this is enough to get everything back in order.

If your ex doesn’t cooperate, it’s time to learn more about your legal rights.

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