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Handling child custody in a difficult divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2019 | Child Custody |

Infidelity, addiction, financial mismanagement and other difficult situations can quickly lead to a high-conflict divorce for an Ohio couple. When at least one party involved is manipulative, narcissistic or emotionally immature, the problems can be compounded, especially if children are involved. These exes will probably need to navigate a challenging journey toward co-parenting.

Absent situations of neglect or abuse, children generally benefit from a relationship with both parents. In most cases, courts will strongly encourage joint custody or at least some form of regular visitation. Of course, the parents themselves will also be charged with keeping in line with the child custody order. In a high-conflict situation, the kids may find themselves pulled into ongoing arguments between the parents. One parent may even engage in emotionally manipulative tactics to undermine the kids’ bond with the other parent. They might also use the children to check up on their former spouse’s new dating life.

Boundaries can be important for parents in high-conflict situations. While some divorced couples can enjoy an open, positive co-parenting relationship, other circumstances benefit more from minimizing negativity. By blocking each other on social media and only using monitored apps and portals for communicating about the children, divorced parents can prevent further unnecessary arguments with their former spouses. The use of these portals may even be court-ordered in a parenting plan.

Of course, one parent may continue to overstep boundaries and even violate the child custody agreement. In these circumstances, a family law attorney could help a divorced parent return to court and seek a child custody modification or a revision of the court order.



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