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Granting temporary custody of children to a trusted individual

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2019 | Child Custody |

A parent in Ohio may be given temporary custody of their child during a separation or divorce. The court will look at the child’s best interests when deciding who will be primarily responsible to give them care. In addition to separation or divorce, there are other reasons why a person may get temporary custody of a child.

A parent who is not able to care for their kids may grant a trusted friend temporary guardianship. This may be necessary if the parent has exceptional educational or work responsibilities, especially if they involve extensive travel. If a parent is ill or hospitalized, they might need someone to take custody of their kids for a short period of time. In serious cases, the court could grant temporary custody of a child because of domestic violence.

In a divorce, it is likely that the parent who has received temporary custody will be given permanent custody after the divorce proceedings are finished. Courts may ask the child’s opinion and look at the circumstances to make the child’s life as easy as possible.

It’s important that a temporary custodian will be able to provide consistent care and support. In most cases, parents choose grandparents, extended family members, godparents or close friends.

A temporary child custody agreement would include where the child will live, when the arrangement starts and ends and what visitation the parents will have. A lawyer could help a parent draw up the documents that are necessary to grant a trusted individual custody of their child. Legal counsel may also answer questions about parental rights, family law and various matters relating to child custody issues.



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