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Don’t let false abuse accusations affect your divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2020 | Divorce |

Marriages end for all kinds of reasons, but there is usually one common factor — conflict. Whether you fought over money, butted heads over kids’ schedules or argued about household duties, you probably went through your own fair share of conflict. Maybe you did not give much thought to these things after filing for divorce. Unfortunately, you have to drag those experiences back out now that your ex has falsely accused you of domestic abuse.

These allegations probably caught you off guard. This is the case for many people who are in the exact same situation. But even if the accusations came as a surprise, you can still be prepared to handle them appropriately.

What constitutes domestic abuse?

You already know that physical violence is a form of domestic abuse. However, you might not know that the definition of domestic violence is much larger than that. According to the Violence Against Women Act, domestic abuse also includes:

  • Harassment
  • Intimidation
  • Interfering with personal liberties

You, your soon-to-be ex-spouse and the court may consider all of these actions differently. For example, if you yelled while arguing with your ex, he or she might feel like it was abusive. Blocking a doorway while begging a spouse to listen can also be considered abusive behavior.

Abuse allegations in divorce

False accusations are much more common than most people think. Although anyone can make false accusations, parents frequently make them. A parent who has tried to alienate the children from their other parent is more likely to make abuse claims than those who have not. In some cases, a spouse might simply feel vindictive and make these types of accusations to skew the settlement in his or her favor.

The ultimate goal is to secure a specific desired outcome. For a parent, this could mean getting both sole legal and physical custody. That parent might also be able to secure an order of protection. An order of protection can not only keep the accused parent away from his or her children, but it might also include a no-contact order.

You are not alone

The Ohio legal system treats domestic abuse accusations seriously, as it should. Victims of domestic abuse frequently suffer devastating emotional and physical outcomes. Sadly, some people choose to weaponize these traumatic situations for personal gain.

False domestic abuse accusations can alter the outcome of your divorce and limit your relationship with your children. This does not have to be your future. You should be sure to work with an experienced divorce attorney who understands just how serious these false accusations are. When you choose to do so, you are securing the best possible outcome for both you and your kids.