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Key steps toward securing a fulfilling life as a single parent

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2020 | Divorce |

With a divorce, worlds change. No longer will you have a partner and teammate in running a household and raising children. With no transition and only word-of-mouth knowledge, you are thrust into a new role as a single parent. The change is traumatic, and you feel overwhelmed.

Once the initial shock subsides, reality sets in as you understand the importance of tackling practical matters in the newly configured lives of you and your children. In time, you will adapt. However, it takes work, patience and a willingness to confront new challenges in order to be content as a single parent.

Strengthening the ties with children

With a divorce, your ties with your children fray a bit because you may no longer be in their lives full-time. Now, you must make every effort to strengthen those ties as best as you can. Here are some things that will help you adapt to single parenthood:

  • Pursue fulfilling adventures that introduce you and your child to new things These experiences likely will be treasured by your child and you for the rest of your lives. They can be a number of things such as trips or new hobbies, including painting, bicycling, reading, gardening, fishing, community volunteering, sports, acting and singing.
  • With shared responsibilities now a thing of the past, you must pick up the slack. Among the list of things exclusively on your list include medical appointments, rides related to school events, errand runs, play dates, picking them up from school and helping with homework.
  • Staying involved in your children’s lives also is essential so attend school conferences and school performances or volunteer at your children’s school. Your involvement plays a role in helping them develop into independent and loving people. You learn plenty, too.

As you adapt to a new lifestyle, your children will, too. The new experiences as a single parent likely will enrich your life either by discovering new passions or rediscovering old ones. In time, you will learn that any difficulties in your current life represent a welcome respite from the difficulties you would experience had you remained in the relationship with your former spouse.

Remember, there are different stages in single parenthood. Initially, they can be disconcerting. However, in time, you adapt to your new life and new role, ultimately leading to a satisfying and fulfilling life attributed to patience, resilience, perseverance and love.