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What can single dads do when moms don’t follow child custody terms?

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2022 | Divorce |

Spending time with your child is very important. If you have negotiated a custody arrangement with your child’s mother, you expect her to abide by the terms.

Custody arrangements can be difficult. You want to make sure that your child’s mother respects your visitation.

Keep a journal of violations

If your child’s mother does not honor the provisions of the custody agreement, you should keep track of the incidents. Make a journal to record the date and time, as well as what occurred. If you need to pursue legal action to enforce your visitation rights, a written recollection of all violations can help your case. Minor incidents might not seem enough to overturn a custody order, but all these indiscretions can add up.

The court considers the ability of the parents to support each other’s visitation as one of the factors in determining custody. In extreme instances, a judge may change the custodial parent if one of the parties has consistently refused to comply with the existing agreement.

Petition for modification of custody terms

You can petition the court to modify your custody agreement if your child’s mother has violated its terms. Before requesting a change, you should make an honest effort to request better compliance from the mother without being confrontational. You want to show that you have been cooperative and flexible but still want your child’s mother to follow the terms you have agreed upon.

Taking action to enforce your custody agreement may be necessary so you can focus on putting your child’s interests first.



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