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How children benefit from joint-custody arrangements

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2018 | Child Custody |

If you are an Ohio resident and a recent divorcee, you may be working on adjusting to a new child custody arrangement and everything that comes with it. Learning to live without your son or daughter for some period of time is rarely easy, but it may help you adjust to the process if you recognize how your joint-custody arrangement may benefit your child. At Harry Lewis Co., LPA, we recognize that, in many cases, joint-custody arrangements are advantageous to children of divorce, and we have helped many Ohio families navigate the transitions involved in parting ways. Per Time, in one study involving about 150,000 kids in either sixth or ninth grades, children who spent time in the homes of both of their divorced parents fared better than those who lived exclusively with one parent or the other. More specifically, children whose parents had joint-custody arrangements were far less likely to experience or develop a wide range of emotional and psychosomatic health problems than those who lived with only one parent.

If your child spends time living in your home and that of your former partner, he or she is less likely to experience feelings of sadness, depression or dizziness. Your child is also less likely to experience problems sleeping or eating, and he or she is also less likely to suffer regular stomachaches or headaches.

Just what is it about spending time in both parents’ homes that makes kids less likely to suffer emotional and psychosomatic issues? For starters, it is far easier for parents to remain engaged in their children’s lives if they reside in the same home, even if they only do so part-time. Additionally, children whose parents have joint-custody arrangements typically have double the access to resources, whether they be financial, extended family members or what have you. Find more about child custody on our web page.



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