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Do You Have Concerns About The Cost Of Raising Kids?

When it comes to child support, parents have many questions. Although the amount of child support is determined by a calculation that looks at income, costs and number of children, there are aspects of the law in Ohio that need explaining.

For example, those who pay child support often ask, “How will I know the money is being spent on the child?” Other questions: Uncovered and extracurricular costs? Tax exemptions? Who has authority regarding spending and budgeting for the child?

At our firm, attorney Gregg Lewis takes a proactive approach to family law matters. We want to help you understand the limits of the law, the reality of the situation and help you reach a resolution as painlessly as possible for you and your children.

Who Is Responsible For Paying For College?

As a general rule, the courts do not have the authority to order college expenses as part of child support. The court’s jurisdiction cuts off at 18 years old or graduation from high school.

With the cost of college so high, it’s important to be able to communicate with your co-parent and talk through a plan. If the intent is to take the burden of the expense off your child, you should not assume that the other parent will pay or will be saving for college. It’s better to reach an agreement so everyone is aware of the plan.

Childcare expenses become a large part of problems post-divorce. The cost of daycare, tuition, sports and activities can become a point of contention if one parent makes decisions that the other cannot afford.

We Can Help You Find A Resolution

For more guidance about divorce, child support laws and how it applies to the cost of raising children or another family law issue, call our firm, Harry Lewis Co., LPA, at 614-221-3938 or send an email to schedule an initial consultation with our lawyer. Our office is centrally located in the heart of German Village in Columbus.