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Find Positive Resolutions To Your Child Custody Needs

One of the most difficult aspects of a divorce is losing precious parenting time with your children. Unfortunately, the reality of many divorces involving minors is that parents may have to spend less time with their kids.

At Harry Lewis Co., LPA, we understand the emotional difficulty of this firsthand. We have helped parents go through marriage dissolutions and divorces for more than 40 years. Our compassionate attorney will help you advocate for the child custody and shared parenting arrangement that grants you as much time as possible with your children.

Understanding Child Custody In Ohio

Going through a custody dispute can feel overwhelming. One way to ease this strain is to become educated about Ohio’s child custody laws.

These are a few of the most significant points regarding custody in Ohio:

  • Child custody: Child custody refers to the legal arrangement regarding the rights and obligations of co-parents to their child.
  • Shared parenting: Joint custody in Ohio is referred to as shared parenting.  Shared parenting is defined as a parenting plan that names both parents as the residential parent of the minor children and both parents have equal input in the decision making for the minor children.
  • Primary caretaker: In cases that do not involve shared parenting, the primary caretaker is the parent with whom the child resides permanently.

No doubt you still have numerous questions about child custody, the court process and the future of your kids. When you contact Harry Lewis Co., LPA, you can ask questions and address any concerns with our lawyer.

We Put Your Children First

In a divorce, one of the best things that you can do for your child is to put their best interests first and foremost. We believe firmly in prioritizing your children’s emotional health during the divorce. Even if a custody dispute becomes contentious, we believe in helping you through the process and acting in your best interest. We can also help with ongoing child custody issues, including modifications.

Get The Solutions You Need

Prioritize your children’s best interests while seeking the parenting schedule that is best for you. Schedule a free initial consultation with Harry Lewis Co., LPA, to discuss you and your children’s futures. Reach our lawyer by calling 614-221-3938 or by using our online contact form.