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The many things child support can cover

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2018 | Child Custody |

Divorce is a long and winding road, especially if you have children with the other individual.

Along the way, you’ll come face to face with questions regarding child support. Generally speaking, one person will pay child support while the other person receives the money to care for the child or children.

Many parents are unsure of what child support is to be used for. This holds true both of the person paying the money, as well as the parent on the other end of the spectrum.

Here are some of the many things child support can (and probably should) cover:

  • Food, clothing and shelter. Children, regardless of age, need these basic necessities in order to live. Child support is often used for food, clothing and shelter, which can range from weekly trips to the grocery store to rent payments.
  • Medical care. Even if the child is covered by a health insurance policy, uninsured medical expenses may move to the forefront at some point. Child support can help pay for these expenses.
  • Educational fees. Getting a good education can cost a lot of money, even if a child is attending public school. There are many expenses that come into play, including but not limited to books, school supplies, lunch money, tutors and monthly/annual fees.
  • Child care. It’s possible that one or both parents may not have the time in their schedule to provide daily care for the child. Subsequently, child care is necessary. From daycare to babysitters, child support can help pay for this type of assistance.
  • Entertainment. Although parents need to carefully consider this, many courts believe that a child should have access to some forms of basic entertainment, such as games, the internet and television. Within reason, child support payments can help pay for entertainment-related expenses.
  • Extracurricular activities. Children in today’s modern age partake in more extracurricular activities than ever before. Child support payments can help pay for the many expenses associated with these activities.

With a clear understanding of the many things child support can cover, you’ll find it easier to make the best possible decisions.

If you run into any issues regarding child support, such as a parent who is not paying in full and/or on time, don’t hesitate to learn more about your legal rights and how to take action against him or her.



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