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Custody disputes and your child’s education

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2019 | Child Custody |

Many legal hurdles can arise when a couple moves forward with a divorce, from financial issues over alimony or property division to stress and other emotional concerns. If you have kids, divorce can be particularly tough, especially if a dispute centered around the custody of your child comes up. It is critical for you to take many factors into consideration during a custody dispute, not only from your perspective as a parent but from your child’s point of view also. For example, you should prioritize their best interests and focus on what is best for them, with respect to key issues such as their education.

Whether you have a young child or a teen who will be entering college in the near future, there are many ways in which a custody dispute can affect your child’s education. Divorce-related issues and uncertainty over custody can make your child feel stressed out and uncertain about their future, which could affect their grades and their ability to study, so you should try to minimize some of the negative aspects of divorce and do what you can to help them through this time.

It is also crucial to focus on securing an outcome that is preferable for you and your child. If you are worried about how your former partner may adversely impact your child’s studies, this should be brought to the court’s attention. Our law firm recognizes the myriad of concerns that parents and their children may have during a dispute over custody, and being prepared is pivotal.



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