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When to modify a child custody agreement

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2019 | Child Custody |

When people are going through a divorce in Ohio, many times emotions run high. Decisions might be made in haste or without being thoroughly or properly thought through. Sometimes, people may later wish that they had come up with a different child custody or support agreement than the one that has been approved by the court. 

According to Psychology Today, “the best interests of the child” is the standard when it comes to determining arrangements regarding the child or children after a divorce. Parents should strive to put their child’s interests first when it comes to shared parenting. Often, the views of the child and their desires are also carefully considered by the court. Meaningful relationships with both parents should be the goal of all parties. 

However, sometimes circumstances change or families outgrow the current custody and support agreements that are in place. Revisiting the current status may become necessary when, as the child ages, their school situation changes or they become more involved in extracurricular activities. Issues requiring modification may also arise if one parents needs to relocate for their career, or when a parent gets married again. 

Updating or modifying the custody agreement might also be necessitated when there is a change in financial circumstances of one of the parents. According to Forbes, a parent losing a job or getting a substantial pay increase could both be valid reasons to modify child support. It is best if both parties can come to an agreement that can be presented to the court for approval, rather than it becoming a divisive issue. 



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