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Signs that your spouse is trying to influence spousal support

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2020 | Divorce |

Life after divorce comes with a lot of uncertainties. People often question where they will live both during and after the process. Perhaps an even bigger concern is whether divorce is even financially feasible. In Ohio, spousal support should provide divorcees with a sense of financial security, but there are ways in which one person might affect just how much that support will be.

Whether someone is anticipating a divorce or not, an abrupt change in spending habits is a pretty big red flag. This is especially true when the spouse who earns more slashes household spending. Doing so is just one strategy for unfairly influencing spousal support. He or she may successfully lower the amount of support by successfully establishing a less expensive lifestyle.

The opposite of this is also a problem. A spouse who earns less than his or her partner or who does not work at all could be tempted to try and get more support by establishing a different marital lifestyle. This usually takes the form of lavish spending on items or experiences that are otherwise not typical, such as expensive restaurants, theater tickets and pricey clothing.

Spousal support is a key component of Ohio family law. However, it is important that those who need that support receive what they are actually entitled to. No one should be paying more than what is reasonable, either. There is more than one way to address these concerns, including seeking guidance from an experienced attorney during the divorce process. It is also possible to petition the court for a modification of a current order, which would bring it in line with reality.



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