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What can single moms do when dads are not doing their share?

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2021 | Child Custody |

As a single mother trying to provide the physical, financial and emotional support your children need, an absent father may add stress to the mix. His failure to share the co-parenting load after a breakup may make life more challenging.

Child-rearing after a split presents many obstacles, but one of the toughest is when one parent falls far short of sharing parental responsibilities. What can a single mom do to get dad to pull his weight? Take a look at two common reasons you may want to seek the court’s help.

If finances get tight

As a working mom, you may already keep a tight budget. When your children’s father is late paying child support, does not pay or the amount is insufficient, you may want to request the court’s help. You have the right to either start an enforcement action if he is behind or ask for a modification of support. Both processes may take time but may provide the relief needed.

If a visitation schedule is not working

The parenting plan you and your ex agreed to may no longer work for a variety of reasons. If your ex is not getting the children as frequently, the schedule inconsistency may cause issues for you and your children. Children need stability after divorce, and when a schedule is not providing that, it needs revising. You may petition the court for a change in the parenting plan.

Non-compliance with support, custody and visitation orders may require immediate court intervention. Therefore, do not wait to get the help your children and you need when an ex fails to follow through.



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