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Can an Ohio judge order parenting classes for parents in child custody cases?

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2022 | Child Custody |

Custody battles can become challenging when the parties do not agree. In these cases, you typically have to go before a judge, who will determine your custody arrangement.

With a contentious custody dispute, an Ohio judge could order you to attend parenting classes or counseling because the court’s primary concern is the best interest of the child. These are some things you should know about these child custody cases.

Ordered classes

An Ohio judge can order you to take a variety of different classes before ruling on your child custody case and setting a final parenting plan. For example, in addition to parenting classes, you may receive an order that requires you to take courses that help your children adjust to and deal with your divorce and new custody situation.

If domestic violence or alcoholism was part of the marriage, the judge could order you to complete classes on anger management, substance abuse or other related issues as well. Even if you were not the abusive party, you might still have to complete these classes. However, you can request to take them at a different time or location than your former spouse.

Ordered counseling

A judge can also order you to attend counseling. Your children might have to attend counseling as well. In fact, the whole family may have to seek family counseling, especially if your children are having difficulty dealing with the divorce and parental agreement.

Because Ohio law is always concerned with the best interest of the child, judges will attempt to rule in favor of some form of shared parenting. To avoid losing any of your parental custody rights, follow the judge’s orders quickly and remain conscientious of your children’s physical and emotional well-being.



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