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How to be happily single after a divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2024 | Divorce |

The conclusion of a marriage often leaves individuals questioning whether happiness is possible in singlehood. Many people learn how to thrive after divorce, becoming happier than they were during their marriage.

Understanding the psychological impact of divorce and using strategies to overcome it can enhance your happiness after divorce.

Divorce is the chance for a new beginning

Around 12% of Ohio’s population has been through a divorce, while 1.6% have separated. 33% of the state’s residents have never married. Learning how to be happy alone is necessary for these people.

Instead of thinking of divorce as an ending, consider it the opportunity for a fresh start. Embracing change and personal growth becomes possible, fostering the chance to create a fulfilling and authentic future after the challenges of divorce.

Recent research from University of Toronto psychologists Yoobin Park and Geoff MacDonald offers valuable insights into the keys to a satisfying single life, discussed below.

Acknowledge emotions after divorce

Divorce triggers a wave of emotions, many of them negative. Instead of suppressing emotions, face and process them. This initial step toward healing lays the foundation for a healthier psychological adjustment to your newfound single status.

Rediscover individual identity

Divorce is an opportunity to rediscover and reconnect with yourself. Taking up old hobbies, exploring new interests and focusing on personal growth can help you find a new sense of who you are.

Prioritize mental and physical health

Finding activities that promote mental and physical well-being can lead to a more satisfying single life. Walking, yoga and other pastimes accomplish both at the same time.

Build a supportive network

Maintaining a supportive network of friends and family is essential post-divorce. These relationships can provide support and emotional connections that contribute to your overall well-being.

Fulfill relationship needs

Happy singles meet relational needs in many ways. Friendships, family relationships and a satisfying sex life contribute to happiness. Focusing on these connections can help you overcome the potential negative psychological impact of divorce.

Explore new opportunities

Embracing the opportunity to explore new aspects of life is empowering. Whether through travel, education or career pursuits, new opportunities can open doors to personal fulfillment. Being single allows the freedom and time to pursue these goals without having to consider a spouse’s desires.

Prioritize self-care

Establishing healthy habits contributes to overall well-being. Regular exercise, a balanced diet and getting enough sleep are essential.

Some people discover more happiness without marriage. Being single offers freedom, independence and the chance to explore personal fulfillment. Unrestricted by marital expectations, these individuals find joy in self-discovery, diverse relationships and the flexibility to shape their lives according to their own terms.